• EKTX2/4/6

    E-Key Personal & System RF Remotes
    Remote Control Transmitter, 128bit AES encrypted, for remote keyless entry and control
    - Wiegand system or standalone receivers
    - Up to 433 individual keys per receiver
    - 16 bit rolling code for 2nd level of security
    - 2 button or 4 button (6 button by request / MOQ)
    - Classic style (2, 4) or water resistant Metallic style (4, 6)
    - Embedded proximity tag on request
    - 4 channel Wiegand receiver with auto-add
    - 4 channel relays receiver with flexible user-set operation
    * Momentary pulse, flip/flop, timed, hold, latched
    pairs, nudge control (up/down/left/right)
    - Two receivers work together for 6 button operation
    - Relays receiver's 'Learn' mode adds new keys in unison with any existing key
    - Standard HRW encryption code or your own unique encryption code

    Data Sheet Manual