• FuncProg V4.02 180901

    Enthalpy Update
    The FuncProg Guide is updated to include new Enthalpy analogue value output option for AL blocks when set to ECO function.

    No change to the Excel tool except for updated Guide information (32 lines of display for controllers and I/O devices, not only for HPD devices)
  • Modbus <> BACnet Mapping Tool

    HPE-MRBN (25/2/2016)
    Mapping tool for integration of BACnet MS/TP devices in to Modbus RTU systems using the HPE-MRBN.

    250 BACnet objects converted in to 250 Modbus registers.
  • FUNCPROG V4.02 141101

    Undated - 31 Oct., 2014
    Updated tool for HP_8884, HP_0662 & HPD devices delivered from November 2014.

    Network settings can now be downloaded as part of the application download text file. Baudrate will remain at current terminal connection speed until changes are saved.

    VUI Function 11, Minutes Run monitoring suppliments Hours Run monitoring

    AL Function 14, Compare Inputs (thermostatic-like functions), operator selection direct at In1. Offset/Hysteresis can use value or VUI connection (value set via VUI block)

    The Download file here includes blank FUNCPROG canvas and updated guide document.

    Application files created in earlier versions of FUNCPROG are compatible with V4.02 141101 devices
  • FUNCPROG V4.02 131112

    Updated 15-NOV-2013
    Application tool and guide document for all HRW universal control devices with V4.02 firmware or higher. The tool is backward compatible with earlier devices.

    New Features:

    - AL (Analogue Logic) Function 14 / Compare function allows selection of one of six (6) maths operators for digital result output; on-span, off span, direct or reverse acting hysteresis.
    - DO's now can be configured to operate in a defined % span. Ideal for 3-speed fans or similar applications

    Previous new features (401 130814):

    - VUI 1...8 may be directly connected to DL delay on/off parameters, allowing network access to adjust delay times such as for after hours run-on
    - DL function block has new function #9 Occupancy / After Hours for push-button Occ / AH operation in combination with scheduled operation and Delay Off feature
  • Terminal Program

    Indigo Terminal Emulator
    As an alternative to HyperTerminal we can recommend Indigo Terminal Emulator which allows not only ASCII based comms but also HEX data. Check it out here:

    Download the HRW specific setting and operation screen prints with the Download button on the right.

    Driver files
    PC Installation files for HPECOMU engineering cable
  • M-Bus Mapping Tool

    V4.01 M-Bus Gateways tool
    M-Bus register mapping tool for:

    - HPE-BNMBUS, BACnet MS/TP < M-Bus
    - HPE-MRMBUS, Modbus 485 < M-Bus
    - HPE-P1MBUS, P1 < M-Bus

    Updated 10 July, 2013, to correct a line count calc error.

    Updated 14 June, 2013 to include Modbus version selection and related BMS side register range.
  • BACnet <> Modbus Mapping Tool

    July 2012 Update Version
    Modbus register mapping tool for:

    - HPE-BNMOD BACnet MS/TP <> Modbus RTU gateway
    - HPD0440BNMR multi-function controller/gateway
  • BACnet P1 Mapping Tool

    V4.01 01/12/14
    BACnet MS/TP <> P1 FLN Mapping Tool for:


    Preconfigure point detail
    Customise point scaling
    Create text file for download
    MS Excel application
  • P1 Modbus Mapping Tool

    Modbus register mapping tool for:

    - HPE-P1MOD2 (96 point)
    - HPE-P1MOD2-195 (195 point)
  • SMA Mapping Tool

    Gateway for SMA Protocol Devices
    Applies to: