• HPCxxxx or HPDxxxxC/CT

    48hr Cooling Tower Pump Cycling
    This application is to refresh cooling tower water at times of no control demand.

    Every 48hrs the CT pump will run for 1 hour.

    Timings can be changed to suit other cycle time requirements or other applications.
  • Lead/Lag

    Two examples
    1) Duty change each time ON signal received (A1 / B1)

    2) Duty change with fault changeover (A2 / B2)
  • HPV0662BN/TD04

    VAV 3-point + PWM heating
    Our standard VAV application suitable for customisation by adapting sensor type and control output types.

    Easily add 'Fan Assisted' output DO function block.

    Please contact us for customisation if required.

    Carpark CO control and monitoring
    - 7 x CO sensors over 2 x HPC0662BN
    - CO current max. display
    - CO historical max. display & reset
    - Individual sensor mA & CO display
    - High CO alarm & duration record
    - Sensor fault alarm and duration record

    Default sensor range 300PPM may be customised for other ranges. CO sensor quantity may be altered to suit your project.

    Please contact us for customisation assistance if required.
  • HPD0460_CT

    FCU 3-speed DX Heat Cool
    - BMS remote release (default on)
    - Local schedule enable (button 4)
    - After hours enable 30mins (button 1)
    - Fan manual/auto (button 2) with pop-up fan status display
    - Compressor delays for DX

    The features above may be adapted in the FUNCPROG file to suit other applications such as hot & chilled water, PWM valve, PWM SSR control etc.