WMS2 Firmware

  • WMS2 revision 2.04b

    18 July 2018
    Download the OS-Update file for upload to your WMS2.

    Notes for this revision:
    - Support for DHCP has been disabled due to some compatibility issues. If DHCP is currently enabled, it will continue to work. If it is not currently enabled or is manually disabled, the option will no longer appear in the network settings. DHCP support will return once the compatibility issues have been resolved
    - Misc. browser compatibility and bug fixes
  • WMS1 revision 1.52d

    See the Controls/BMS & Networking page for V1.52d Readme file
  • WMS1 revision 1.42e

    February 2014
    • Important Note! The zip file below must be unzipped before uploading it to the WMS1 unit

    • Firmware Updates - Version 1.40+ will now accept firmware updates with any filename as long as it contains ".Firmware" somewhere in the name. Note that the unit must already be running 1.40+ to accept other filenames. This is mainly useful for future firmware updates.
    • BACnet - The "Write Priority" option on the BACnet IP and BACnet MSTP driver property screens can now be set to zero. This forces property writes to the device to use priority "None". Individual points can still use the "@x" syntax to override this behavior. @0 is now supported as well as @1-@16.
    • BACnet IP - The BACnet IP driver has been optimized to read points 2-3 times faster than 1.35.
    • Network Settings - Added NTP time synchronization. This can be set up and tested from the "Network Settings" screen. It can be set to automatically synchronize every day at 3am. The frequency and time of day are not selectable. Note that this only syncronizes the main clock to an NTP server. It does not change the time in any devices.
    • Runtimes/Alarms - Runtimes and alarms can now use the @ codes in the messages to embed more information about the points, including the device name the point is on. See help for more info.
    • Alarms - Alarms will now display the text of multi-state points rather than their numeric value when using @Vx in messages (e.g. On instead of 1)
    • Trends - A bug was fixed that could cause it to intermittently record two time stamps in the same minute when set to 1 minute samples.
    • Trends - The beta warning has been removed from the trend email feature.
    • Mobile Interface - A link has been added to the login screen to switch to the mobile interface. A link was also added to the mobile login screen to switch to the Flash version.
    • Graphics - A new graphic control is available. The statusLED is an advanced LED that looks better and has more functionality like changing colors or flashing if a point is out of range and some other options.
    • All Drivers - The ping function has been disabled. It will now use the number of bad point reads to determine when a device is offline, and it will no longer ping unused devices. This was done to prevent spamming the network with unnecessary traffic. A side-effect of disabling the ping is that it can no longer determine if a device is offline if no points are being actively read from it. This should not normally be a problem, but if it is, add a single point from the device to any trend, calculation, program, alarm or runtime.
    • Several minor enhancements and bug fixes.