Self Photos / Files - aboutus-2.1HRW was formed in late 2004 with the aim of providing an alternative source for HVAC controls and peripheral devices.


Since inception we have built up a broad range of standalone controls and peripheral devices – such as sensors, valves and actuators – while in parallel developing and releasing a comprehensive range of DDC controllers.


Our DDC controls cover typical HVAC applications yet with the flexibility to address the most demanding project-specific or regional customisations as well as non-HVAC applications. Our BACnet MS/TP devices are listed by BACnet International and all devices are certified compliant to FCC and CE/EMC requirements.


Because modern Building Control focuses not only on comfort but also on energy savings, our portfolio extends to power & energy related devices such as Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Solid State Relays (SSR), and energy metering (electrical & thermal [chilled water / hot water]).


Bringing you the right products though is only part of the whole, as it is no secret that knowledgeable application and technical support is a big part of successful implementation. With that in mind we pride ourselves on being available with advice and guidance long after product supply is complete.


HRW Limited