Bacharach MGS-400 Gas Detectors Release

The new MGS-400 series gas detectors and controller are now being released


  • Precalibrated
  • Android / iOS apps available for easy commissioning, servicing & real-time monitoring 
  • Modbus comms to MGS-408 controller or BMS / BAS (MGS-410)
  • Option for 3 x relays & 1 x analogue outputs (MGS-450, MGS-460) 
  • Option for remote sensor head (MGS-460) 
  • Central controller MGS-408: Modbus master for up to eight Detectors / Modbus slave to BMS / BAS 
  • Controller auxiliary power supply for powering connected sensors (simplified installation)
  • Audible & visual alarms complying to ASHRAE 15 / EN 378 


Refer the Products / Sensors / Gas page for more information